Meet Alison Goodwin and her hubby David Heden. The photo of this smashing, fashionable couple was taken on their way the the AGO Massive Party, just days after they had their baby girl, Hudson (can you say Heidi Klum?). If you think they look fabulous here, wait until you see their space. Alison, director of The Village Gallery (a chic  art gallery in Port Credit)  curates her home with gutsy and elegant panache.  I had the pleasure of touring their Liberty Village Loft in downtown Toronto.

Walking into this loft space is like stepping into a treasure chest. A really chic, luxurious, dramatic and well-edited treasure chest. Favourite pieces of mine include a custom-made bar height dining table, exquisite lighting, and of course, the many carefully selected art pieces adorning the home.

Speaking with Alison you can see her passion for great art. She reminded me that art on the wall is not an afterthought it can be the soul and spirit of the space.

I’m going to let the photos largely speak for themselves. Prepare to be breath taken!

Connect with Alison via twitter @artbeyondwalls 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Eleni Nikoletsos.



  1. looks like a great place to live

  2. Dream Home, I’m immensely jealous! It’s as rich and textured as it is classy and elegant, le sigh

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