Meet Becky Simpson, Associate Buyer, Women’s Modern Collections for The Bay. I consider  myself lucky to know Becky because a) she has an incredible wardrobe to borrow from b) she’s a true and loyal friend and c) she lives in this fantastic loft at Yonge and Wellesley.  This is a true loft in every way- Becky had her kitchen installed from scratch and lived without hot water for longer than she’ll admit. When this girl isn’t pouring over sales reports or the latest issue of InStyle, her loft turns into her studio for her custom encaustic art pieces- check out the Brooklyn bridge piece behind her sofa. My favourite parts of Becky’s space include the many personal art touches that adorn her walls, her hot pink washroom (a great colour for a small space) and her shoes so cleverly stored on a leaning ladder.

I’ll be chatting with Becky about her gorgeous custom art pieces in a post to come soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Eleni Nikoletsos.



  1. This looks like my old building… but a way nicer unit and really well arranged. Becky is a cool girl =)

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