Meet Heather and Matie Eagen (in their cute wedding photo!), a finance lady with CTV and a sales account manager with Adidas. They came to me a while ago asking for help on their current space- a beautiful new loft build in the east end of Toronto. This fashion forward couple is ready to move on from their current digs-they have purchased a gorgeous Victorian Brownstone that I’ll be giving them some advice on- but before that I thought it would be great to share their staging photos. Although they have taken down some of their more personal items (which included a collection of Adidas shoes and rare / vintage records), the architecture of the space has personality on its own.  I am obsessed with the impact of wooden beams in a loft- they inject life and a natural texture in what can be an otherwise sterile space. I also love their yellow accent wall (you can glimpse its reflection in the bathroom photo), their chalkboard wall and the overall layout of the space. Check out the glass tiles in the kitchen, they add a bit of colour and detail but remain fairly neutral due to the colours selected. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on their new space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Carolyn Ng.


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