I think I have hit the decorating JACKPOT. While I try to be prudent with superlative  acclamation (after all, you can’t LOVE! LIKEY! OMG! everything) this is deserving of such adulation. Bring out the pom poms, blast your Glee soundtrack. This is like finding your favourite Rebecca Minkoff bag at a sample sale at COST. What is it you ask?

Tonic Living fabric & custom sewing- I ADORE THEM. I discovered this Canadian based company through my lovely friend Jen from Rambling Renovators. So what Lisa- yet another on-line based fabric retailer. Why are they the cause of your feisty flattery?

Here’s why I can’t wait to place an order:

1) They are Toronto based so you are supporting local talent. Fantastic.

2) The fabric has a retro, whimsical feel, many of which are made with environmentally friendly dyes and manufacturing standards. My favourite condo fabrics are robin, flatiron, and cufflinkDouble fantastic.

3) Their custom sewing pricing is just jaw dropping unbelievable. In Jen’s post on her master bedroom transformation, she shares that the price of her drapes (pictured above) with fabric, blackout lining, pinch pleats, delivery, taxes, all in- UNDER $390 for the pair. Jaw is still dropped.

I was at Jen’s house today (visiting with my son and her lovely daughter Chloe) and I inspected the finishing with a fine tooth comb. And don’t forget I studied fashion first so I know my pinch pleats from my puckers. And these were FLAWLESS. I have purchased custom draperies for clients in the past (for $1000+) and this price is a STEAL. And the fact that it is local, fun and frugal is just fantastic.

How are they able to offer such good pricing? In speaking with Janine, the brains behind the Tonic Living sales operation, they don’t have a traditional brick & mortar store (yet). So this means no astronomical Toronto rent to pay, which means savings for you.

And speaking of savings- Tonic Living is offering all CondosbyCanning readers a 10% discount off any order (no minimum). To get the discount:

– enter the coupon code CANNING on the first page of the check out process in the coupon code box
– Canadian customers with postal codes starting with L, M or N get free shipping on orders of $50 or more (pre-tax)

This is the perfect way for new condo buyers to have a custom look at a very reasonable price point. I will most certainly be using them in the very near future.



  1. I’ve been going to Tonic Living for 3 years now for my fabric and they are the greatest! The most amazing fabrics and the nicest people!

    • Janine was a delight to speak with today! I am always happy to work with kind staff who go above and beyond. In the hectic whirl that can be a design project, smile and courteous service is ALWAYS appreciated. Thanks for your comment Leena!

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