I recently attended a webinar hosted by the very talented and inspiring Kim Page Gluckie. The topic of the webinar was on how to blog, and of the many gems I learned from it, the most useful to me was the very common sense thought of writing about what you are passionate about, why you started doing what you are doing in the first place. With this sentiment in mind, I’d like to share with you my top reasons for starting my design business. I write this mainly as a cathartic experience, but if you benefit from it or find some of my reasons someone amusing, bonus.

Reasons I started my business (in no particular order):

1. I like to sleep in– although my 15 month old doesn’t really allow me to do this anymore- but in the beginning I loved the idea of setting my own schedule- and it included sleeping in from time to time.

2. I love setting my own hours. This comes with MANY challenges- including being disciplined when shopping trips for clients turn into shopping trips for me- but the freedom to take a vacation when I’d like to or stay home with my son is worth it.

3. I am passionate about design. I started in fashion and found my way into interiors in a very organic way. I have dreams of my own wallpaper and textile line and maybe other paper or soft goods. But everything about design- the way things look, feel, smell, exist- gets me excited and the possibility of turning nothing into a FANTASTIC something is so remarkable to me.

4. I have big dreams and this business has allowed me to follow them. My business has allowed me to discover and pursue avenues I never thought I would. I now write regularly for The Toronto Star’s yourhome.ca and another regular columnist contract for a publication is in talks as I type. I have been featured in a 13 episode series on HGTV. I have shot a pilot for a new show and a promo for another new show concept is currently being shopped around. I’m working on a webisode for a major design print publication. I painted a mural in a Brazilian favela community centre for kids. I was featured in FLARE magazine. All of this and more came as a result of my business.

5. I love working with people and helping them realize their dreams. I realize that sounds more than majorly sappy. But my sentimentality is an authentic part of who I am- and while the process of getting a renovation or decor project finished comes with a plethora of challenges and stress inducing incidents- the look on a client’s face when their space is finished and our collective vision has been actualized is very gratifying. I mean it- I get sappy when projects are finished.

6. I like to work hard. Running a design business is not glamorous= I repeat- NOT glamorous. It has lots of glamorous moments- such as industry events, press product launches, gorgeous show rooms, (many) occasional long lunches with clients / colleagues at fantastic eateries. But the reality of running a design business involves lots of running around, long meetings, EXTREME detail management, a significant amount of stress management, back up plans when things fail, dust, dirt and drywall, paint (more than occasionally) in your hair and lots of hours driving around (underscore LOTS). It is hard work but I like it.The challenge of project managing a reno / design project is fun for my type A sensibilities.

7. I like to play hard. Boy do I have fun doing what I do. I’m lucky that I have found many clients who like to laugh along with me.

8. I am passionate about design. Did I say this already? I am also passionate about design ON SALE. You should see me during a Design Within Reach floor model sale.

9. The main reason I do what I do: my family. My husband Josh and my son John are the best things to come home to. And by the way- I’m five months pregnant- and the ability to grow my family and continue to do what I love- ABSOLUTELY priceless. Becoming a wife and mom is the best thing I have ever done, and to earn a living doing something I truly enjoy is a pretty fantastic.



  1. Lisa– I love reading this. Keep following your dreams and it’s soooo exciting that you have another baby on the way, congratulations!!!

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