As a fashion lover at heart (I love it when Carrie says in SATC2 that she’s been cheating on fashion with furniture- sometimes I feel that way too) it’s textiles and patterns that get this designer giddy. A fantastic pattern can enliven a room with more simple furniture elements, or add texture to a neutral colour palette.

This is the approach we are taking in Natalie’s condo. Grey sofa, white rug, white accessories (take a look at the design direction here) could look really boring or sterile without variety of pattern and texture.

So we’ve injected this (progress shot!):

I was introduced to this Marimekko wallpaper by the lovely Maria at New Wall. We installed it ourselves- which I normally leave to the pros but since the pattern match was pretty easy we decided to give it a go ourselves- big props to my assistant Kristelle Pabon.

New Wall has got some pretty incredible offerings. Maria was kind enough to give me an in-home preview of wallpaper launching in the fall (I am told I was the first to crack the spine on the NEW Marimekko collection, which features from pretty whimsical cow papers in lime and fuchsia). Take a look at some of the yummy offerings, or visit their website for more info:

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  3. Don’t forget flea markets! You can actually get excellent statement items for a small fraction of the price. Some require a bit of TLC however some are just things that folks need to get rid of!

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