Meet Tim Welsby. He is the brains (and brawn) behind Beresford Inc. While I was picking up paint for the gables in Natalie’s condo today, I asked if I could get a tour and see why it is SO worth it to hire a professional to spray your furniture for you. This is where the magic happens. This silver area is where furniture goes to get new life. The area is outfitted with a HUGE overhead vent- that he demonstrated for me. I was worried about Tim’s lungs but I think I’m more worried about his ears- this thing is LOUD! But it keeps the over spray contained and allows him to work on huge projects (a few antique armoires and reclaimed doors were waiting to be sprayed while I was on site).

Once upon a time I pondered if I could spray my kitchen cabinets myself. It can’t be that hard, right? Rent a sprayer, get some lacquer, throw down some tarps? When I asked Tim if anyone could spray, he politely shook his head no.

It takes a patient hand, technique, the proper space and equipment to do the job properly. Even the smallest of projects, like giving new life to a lamp or to a decorative accessory, requires proper technique. “When spraying small projects at home many people will try and get as much coverage as possible out of the spray can on the first go,” Tim says. “It is all about small, even bursts and light coats so you avoid drips and splotches.”

It was an interesting sneak peek at how furniture goes from drab to fab. His studio is an incredible chasm of furniture waiting for new life. I find it completely fascinating that a piece of furniture can go from tired and worn to sparkly and new with the hands of a pro. You can see Tim’s handywork in Natalie’s condo (reveal date in 7 days and counting!) or visit his website for more information. Here are a few images from his Toronto shop:

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  1. can you help me get in touch with Tim Welsby – the link in your story doesn’t work.

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