Take a peek at my top 5 fall trends in my column for yourhome.ca


2 responses to “FALL TREND REPORT

  1. Beautiful production, is that Evelyne! Nice job, well done Momma!

    But please … *please* please-please *PLEASE* stop advising people to “scent” their places with candles, sprays, etc. These are almost without exception toxic (did you know no safety testing is required?) and a huge proportion of the population is made ill by them , some without even realizing what has caused their problems. This includes people with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical (i.e., “enrivonmental”) sensitivities.

    This is not a matter of “not liking those smells” — it is a matter of specific chemicals being toxic to everyone, even though some people can “detox” them better than others … just like some people can handle more alcohol than others, and some people don’t actually get cancer from smoking. (That’s not seen as a reason for discouraging the spread of second-hand smoke!) But out of care and respect for the predicament of the estimated 30% of the population that is particularly susceptible to damage from these chemicals, please use the other means at your disposal to create ambience. Smells of food are enough. And it would also not be out of place to ask your guests to arive unscented. Even those who don’t know they have a problem might well do so: it just hasn’t made itself evident yet — and indeed, might not if they manage to avoid, avoid, avoid exposures!

    PS: Please add a feature to your feed-back that allows individuals to keep track of where they have sent their comments, and what, exactly, they have said.

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