Magazine styling demystified with Margot Austin

The other day (before the whirlwind of having my second child!) I had the pleasure of running into Margot Austin (Senior Design Editor of Style At Home magazine) on Queen Street W. She was shopping for ribbon at Mokuba, I was buying chairs for a client at Design Republic. As I was getting ready to style two spaces for photoshoots the next day, I had to pick this editor’s brain on the science that goes into styling a space for print. (And there is a science).

What she shared with me was gold: use a mix of textures, a bit of old and new, and don’t overdue it. She empathized that sometimes it’s a scramble on shoot day for the perfect accessory, and reminded me that everything looks different through a camera lens.

For more of her insights on styling for magazines, check out her post on the Style At Home blog. It’s a good one.


One response to “Magazine styling demystified with Margot Austin

  1. Too funny that we both linked to Margot’s great article. Thanks for stopping by my blog and now I know where to find you.

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