It has been a busy week post IDS- largely because I have been so inspired by my experience this year. I feel rejuvenated, enlightened, and downright optimistic thanks to my interactions at the show, and I’d like to share why. Here are my top highlights:

#1. The Power of Connections- Tweet Up Dinner: At this fantastic dinner many of us who have only tweeted or known of each other got to connect in real life. I had the opportunity to hear how the lovely Michelle of Holley & Gill got blogging and picked the brain of the tech savvy Kelly Fallis.

That’s me with the delightful Holley&Gil blogger Michelle (thanks Lisa Ferguson for the lovely photo), me with the dapper Arren Williams, my delicious meal at Nota Bene and a room full of amazing design enthusiasts.

#2. Learning from Masters: Notes from the VIP lounge: Something I have learned in the last few years of running my business is that if you don’t ASK you don’t grow. My business completely changed when I hired a business coach and asked Meredith Heron to mentor me over a cup of coffee. I’ve also learned that people are happy to share their successes and failures even if you don’t know them personally- and with the power of twitter, it’s easier to connect with these professionals. Thus I did a lot of asking this year at IDS. I picked the brain of Lisa Ferguson (who recommended an app for my new iphone that will change the way I do business!), and got to talk about the road to success with the gorgeous Kelly Deck. I will admit I was totally starstruck when I met Kelly, and must report she is as lovely and charming in person as she is on her show Take It Outside.

A blurry shot of Kelly Deck!

#3. A warm embrace of colour: There was a lot of boldness on the floor- saturated hues and bright colours. However, I didn’t see much Honeysucklebut got to see lots of lime, purple, aqua, cobalt, orange- lots of bright, happy colours.

Gorgeous rugs by modern weave

Deliciously colourful Style At Home booth with a painted floor

Concept space by the Ta Trung siblings

I want this piece by Alanna Cavanagh

A lively mix of oranges in the Richardson concept space

#4. An energetic mix of pattern: 2011 is all about mixing and layering patterns. I am in love with this approach to decorating- when done well it can look dynamic and feisty- I love it.

Love the patterned wallpaper with subdued art at Frini.

Incredible high fashion tiles from Edgewater.

Lovely mix of patterns unified in a colour palette of blue and white.

Stay tuned for Part 2!



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  2. Great points about connecting with people you can learn from. I agree that twitter has made it so much easier and more informal to reach out. I’m always amazed at how willing people are to lend you their ear and time.

  3. That sounds like a super-fun and fantastic experience! Thank you so much for coming by my blog and commenting the other day. i am glad to “meet” you 🙂


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