I must confess- I am a blogger slacker. As much as I love my blog, I find there are always periods where other things take precedence. I think it’s the perfectionist in me that gets in the way from more frequent updates. The same way I fuss over how many inches to move a picture on a wall, or fluff the same pillow 5 times, I edit my posts. I am concerned with writing thoughtful, quality posts. To me, quality posts are ones that educate, inform, and give a behind the scenes look at the things my business does. And when I’m busy, my brain is not always inclined to writing eloquent posts of substance.

So today I am going to play catch up:

At the end of February two great projects began with fantastic clients. The above photo is a before shot from one of them- my loft project in the Toronto Beaches. It has soaring windows and ceilings but very 905 finishes (no offense to those of you in the 905 area code, but this tile choice is far too boring for this space).

So we have removed the offensive tile and built a new more contemporary mantle.

And we threw up a little barn board. I am dying to share the finished pics but I will leave you in suspense. It is breathtaking. This project is currently in the home stretch stage- can’t wait to style it for photos.

Speaking of style- Dabble is the newest on-line style fix. It’s an on-line magazine created by the fabulous Kimberley Seldon. I’m so thrilled to be a contributor to this publication- here I am with fellow design contributors Christine De Costa and Nyla Free.

I must share meeting Kimberley for the first time was similar to how I felt when I met Marilyn Denis for the first time. I grew up watching CityLine religiously, and would watch with bright eyes as these stylemakers would showcase their beautiful spaces. Now I am friendly with many of them- totally surreal.

In order to write about great design I have to shop the market- and an event I never miss in Toronto is the One of A Kind Show. Above is a fantastic bag by Brooklyn based Arza Design. I took home yet another Hilary Cosgrove owl for my son, and an owl music box toy to add to our now growing nest by mimi.

Lastly, I’m so thrilled to be working on a new project: Tori’s Bakeshop– a vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, organic bakery in Toronto’s Beaches. In keeping with the philosophy of the bakery, the design and design process will be as natural as possible- and I’ll be sharig the whole process on my blog and on twitter. Very clever hashtag pending.


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