A really fun precursor to my mother’s day was a segment on the Marilyn Denis Show. I was given the assignment of the “mom cave” and did I ever indulge. For me, a mom cave is a dedicated space in a home for mom to feel fabulous and feel surrounded by her favourite things. In this mom cave we treated this glam mama to a dressing area, a lounging area and a chic crafting area all with furnishings from Elte.

I wanted the dressing area to feel like a high end department store. So with three white floating shelves I outfitted space for mom to look at her gorgeous wares. King’s Display in Toronto is a great resource of mine for bag stands and jewelry stands- while they are made for retailers they make a walk in closet extra glam.

A chaise is the epitome of feminine chic to me. The grey acts as a neutral against the purple carpet and orange paint (Navel by Para).

For the crafting area we installed a regular towel bar to the wall and threaded all our ribbon through. It is a pretty handy way to keep ribbons organized and handy (and for $9.99 pretty cheap too).

This was such a great segment to create and special thanks go to my team Jessica and Lara!

Here are a few more shots of the segment and to watch, click here!

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  1. Frances Percy-Campbell

    Hello Lisa
    Really enjoyed you on the Marilyn Denis show you gave me some great idea for the “Mom Cave”. I would love to get one of those purse stands you displayed would you mind sharing the store name. Thank you and keep up the good work love the blog.

  2. Frances Percy-Campbell

    Sorry Lisa just re-read and found the name King’s Displays Toronto thank you.

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