It has been a crazy last few weeks in the world of Lisa Canning Interiors- having just wrapped Season 5 of For Rent in my gig as the production designer plus the usual load of client work and my work over at Dabble Magazine. But now (sigh of relief) life is getting back to a more relaxed pace and I can (finally) get back to my love of blogging.

I am going to play a bit of catch up starting with the fantastic experience that was the Jergens Overnight Fix (read a bit of the background here). This 24-hour makeover for a Toronto YWCA was an amazing experience to be a part of, mainly because of the dedication, enthusiasm and tireless efforts of the 30+ volunteers who worked in shifts around the clock. There was a great camaraderie and sense of purpose among the team of mostly female, non-renovation experienced volunteers (even at 3am when delirium started to sink in for some!).

I described it to the media who attended in the morning as a labour of love- and that is so much what it was. The reveal reminded me why I love my job and my philosophy behind designing great spaces- to improve the quality of life of the people who use it.

Special thanks again to Arren Williams for connecting me to this project, Apex PR for their support and innovation towards PR, Jergens for donating the funds to make this happen, and to my partner in overnight crime contractor Christian Pavey. And much thanks to all the media who attended the breakfast and for their great posts on the event including Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators, Alex from Chick Advisor, Caitlin Kenny of Flare, & Elaine Song from Style At Home. Here’s a look at how it happened:

Here’s the beginning of our Allure flooring installation from The Home Depot. Christian and the volunteers adhered a contrast white strip to create some detail on the floor. This vinyl product is easy to clean and maintain, perfect for this high traffic space.

Storage became a bit of an issue while we laid the floors- here’s a peek at the hallways and the cube van outside the YWCA.

Here with Christian, still smiling at 1am.

And on to the reveal (photos courtesy of Jen from Rambling Renovators)…

And here we are at 9am, after our CP24 feature:

And a little Pure Design reunion with a visit by Julia Black of Chatelaine!

And for those of your who are curious where everything came from in this 24 Hour makeover, here is my source guide. It is amazing what can be accomplished with hard work and a lot of love in an Overnight Fix! I feel truly blessed to have been involved in this project.

Vinyl plank flooring- Allure available at the Home Depot

Wallpaper- Putkinotko by Marimekko available at Newwall

Framed purple floral images- Home Outfitters

White bi-cast leather chairs- Structube

White lattice cut side chairs- Home Outfitters

Purple ottomans- Home Outfitters

White round side tables & coffee table- IKEA

Silver vases & faux flowers- Bouclair Home

Pillows- Bouclair Home

Custom pillow fabric from Designer Fabrics

Commercial Flip Top tables from Triad Office Interiors

White dining chairs- IKEA


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