As a follow up to my small space segment on Oct 13, I debunked a few small space myths on The Marilyn Denis Show. Click on the image below to watch the segment.

Myth 1: Small spaces must be painted in light colours to make them feel bigger.

I am often presented with this statement in consultations with clients with spaces big and small. A light colour may make a space feel bigger, but you do not have to subscribe to this rule. If you love a certain colour, use it- chances are it will inspire you and make you feel great. You can absolutely use a dark colour, as it can feel cozy, warm and dramatic, but ensure to use great lighting to illuminate the space.

Myth 2: Small spaces must be furnished with small furniture. 

A temptation in dressing a small space is to select everything in small scale- small sofa, small chairs, small table, etc. If you do this, everything will feel minuscule and like a dollhouse- which we want to avoid. Proportions must be considered- everything should be thought of in relationship to the other. Pairing a robust sofa with slender chairs will feel balanced. Space planning tools like are helpful in judging scale and space.
Myth 3: Everything must match in a small space. 
This is a big decorating no-no. Going to a store and purchasing the entire set (dresser, night stand, sideboard, table, etc.) is pretty uninspired. In a small space where you may see each piece at one glance it is important to think cohesively, but it doesn’t mean everything has to be the same. Using pieces in a similar colour palette, or a similar style is a better approach.
Myth 4: Small spaces will look cluttered. 
Small spaces present a challenge for keeping clutter under control, but with savvy storage solutions, like some of the ones I featured here, or utilizing storage under furniture on taking advantage of height with bookshelves, you can keep it looking great.
Myth 5: Cabinetry will make a room seem even smaller. 
Creating great custom cabinetry, either from scratch or customizing off the rack ones can increase storage and save you space. There are a variety of options on the market such as small roll out desks that hide behind cabinet doors, and TV’s that are displayed well between attractive bookshelves.  Best of all, they hide clutter. Also, building high is a great way to use every inch, which is so essential in a small space.


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