Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and happy new year my dear blog readers. For my first post of 2012, I start with a confession:

I hate my blog.

Ok, I don’t hate it- perhaps hate is too strong of a word. But I realize I have not given it the time and attention  that could make it a great blog. I don’t blog frequently, I don’t have stellar photos, I don’t always do the things that I read on how to make your blog great lists (although I try).

What I DO know however, is a great blog when I see it. So today on this bitterly cold Toronto winter day (way to wake us up 2012!) I share some warm love of blogs I love, and visit almost daily. Want to know how to write a great blog? Start here:

1. The Daybook Blog Sydney is the chicest self proclaimed dork you’ll ever meet. In a blog that began as a way to chronicle life with her family, it exploded when she started posting photos of her fab outfits. I love her blog because she keeps it real- her Awkward and Awesome posts are laugh out loud hilarious.

2. Meredith Heron- Sashay On to another woman who keeps it real. If you want candor, humour and a screen full of design eye candy, visit Meredith’s blog. You’re in for an entertaining look into Meredith’s design world- behind the scenes of client projects, what Meredith loves at the moment and revealing truths of the often gritty (as opposed to glamorous) design process.

3. Rambling Renovators  Truth be told, I can’t remember how I met Jen, my hero in DIY interpidness. We had our kids the same year, got married the same year, and connected over design and the balance of momyhood and career and all that talk grew into play dates with our kids. This is the mom who can whip a handmade quiche, while embroidering the napkins for lunch, while checking on the paint drying on her newly created custom costume closet, all without breaking a sweat. She is a mom who does it all and she inspires me all the time. Visit her blog for inspiring DIY’s and tender shots of her family life. 

4. The Glow Looking to be inspired by enviable (mainly NYC) interiors and the fashionable moms who live there? The Glow is a fairly new website offering a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms (think a mix of The Coveteur, OhDeeDoh and The Sartorialist). Here you’ll find their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor. Favourites for me include the home tour of my fav handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff and Dwell Studio’s Christime Lemiuex 

5. Bijou and Boheme I’ve met Christine a few times and she is as lovely as her well curated, style packed blog, which I consider more of an evolving scrapbook of her favourite things. Her giveaways are unique and inspired and anyone who has the guts to take a staple gun, some faux fur and create this is pretty fantastic to me.

Happy reading! xo Lisa


2 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Ah Lisa….thank you so so much for including me on such a fabulous list- I’m truly honoured!! xo

  2. I agree with all the blogs on your list! Great content, amazingly talented folks!

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