Red has been popping up in my visual world everywhere, with Valentines Day candy still in my purse and inspiration images from recent projects still on my desk. The same way red lipstick can add some sass to an otherwise everyday outfit, a red lacquered box or upholstered piece can vamp up a room in the right context. So today I thought I’d share a few radiant red items I have seen in my journeys.


A vignette from IDS featuring a BoConcept tray and lovely modern desk accessories.


Beautiful red display boxes from 1212 Yonge St.


Seating in the lobby of the Toronto airport Hilton. I love the contrast of the black veneer in the centre of the upholstery.




A few shots of red from my summer adventure in Atlanta: a sign in one of the many amazing antique markets, a collection of signs in the Coke museum, and some fabulous upholstered chairs in yet another market. Their antique markets are reason enough to visit Atlanta- can’t wait to go back.


Pops of red from a room I styled on For Rent season 4 (super economic options from Bouclair Home).


Finally, a little Rebecca Minkoff to round out the collection. Ok, so my purse is probably closer to Tangerine Tango but it’s a chic way to end this post. Happy Saturday everyone!

All images by Lisa Canning


One response to “SEEING RED

  1. Love the shape of those red chairs from the antique market. Gorgeous.

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