Full disclosure- while it is a joy and a pleasure to design modern spaces reflective of my clients’ lifestyles and personalities, my own house still needs a lot of work. While various past media projects (like the Style At Home video and Evelyn’s room upgrade) give me a good kick in the behind, there is still much to be tackled, including my kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. If you’re following me on Pinterest, you’ll see I have started boards to help get me going- if I showed you what my kitchen looks like currently you’d be agreeing that this cobbler needs new (WAY MORE STYLISH) shoes.

I have a feeling after visiting the National Home Show this year I am going to be totally motivated to get started. It’s a show packed with ideas for all your reno & decorating projects and this year I’m really excited to join my colleagues Glen Peloso, Jim Caruk, Jackie Glass, Jane Lockhart and Jackie Morra at the Reno & Decor booth to answer design questions this Saturday at 12pm. Please come say hello if you will be at the show, and if you have a kitchen you hate, please know I can empathize!


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