Offering design advice at the Reno & Decor booth this weekend at the National Home Show reminded me how much I truly love my job. This may sound cliche and cheesy but it is vehemently true. In the beginning, I got into this business because I loved “the pretty:” creating great colour schemes, selecting beautiful textiles, etc. But now what motivates me to hit the pretty pavement daily is that I get to solve problems that allow my clients to live the best quality of life possible.

Reflecting on this I am reminded of a project we completed last summer for a bachelor client in Toronto’s Beaches. The space began as a pretty nasty hodge podge of bad paint colour selections on very boring tile:

Inspired by my client’s love for travel, natural materials and love of the outdoors (16′ of south exposure windows) we started with some barn board:Added a little grey with a more modern mantle:

And coated everything in a fresh coat of white- resulting in a space that feels organic, simple, masculine, authentic and streamlined.

Displaying photographs from my client’s many travels was very important to him- so we did so in contemporary frames above a simple white unit to hide his media components:

Developing a floor plan was a bit of a challenge as I essentially had to contend with an open concept bowling alley- the space is very long and narrow. We used his existing sectional, added an Eames recliner and a contemporary, low slung chair to give views of the TV and the gorgeous view of the lake:

I am usually not a fan of plants but they really suited the lifestyle and aesthetic of this client. In these contemporary grey planters I think the look is elegant, yet masculine:

Finally, this kitchen was a great exercise of managing a budget appropriately. To be able to invest in quality pieces like the Eames recliner, we decided to reface the kitchen cabinets as opposed to replacing the cabinets entirely. Cost efficient stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware from the hardware store kept the cost of the kitchen renovation low.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed the process of creating this space.

Photos by Marek Szkudlarek.




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