Happy Monday everyone. If you are like me and live in Toronto (or likely the rest of Canada) you left for work in slush and ice and came home to a driveway full of more slush and ice. My boots (while pretty) didn’t exactly keep me warm or dry while I jetted across the city- so I was most excited to find in my mailbox the following:PaperSocietyCo5These lovely little love cards (perfect for Valentines Day that is fast approaching!) are created by the lovely Ashleigh Schouwerwou for Paper Society Co. How glam is she:


I’m a bit of a sucker for great typography, quality paper and the art of the greeting card in general- nothing replaces the handwritten note. Ashleigh agrees with me:

“There’s something romantic about old-school letter-writing, especially with all of the digital technology available to us now, so I wanted to create something that wasn’t your typical Hallmark greeting card; something less sugary, with a heavy dose of style and wit. Paper plays with our sense of touch, and while subtle, it’s as much a part of the design as the actual artwork is. I’m beyond grateful to have a career that I would consider a hobby, and yes, this line is an expression of my thoughts and aesthetic, but it’s not all about me. You’re on my mind, too.”

You’re so much on her mind she has so generously gifted a set of cards to one of my readers just in time for love day. To win a set of Paper Society Co.’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Collection simple leave me a comment below with who you’d give a card to and why. Contest is open to Canada & The US and recipient will be selected at random on Friday at 5pm.

For more love from Paper Society Co. and Ashleigh’s talented work shop here. Photos courtesy of Paper Society Co.

PaperSocietyCo1PaperSocietyCo2 PaperSocietyCo3PaperSocietyCo4



  1. Heinz Kattenfeld

    I would give a card to my wife Nancy, because she means the world to me.

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  3. These cards are fantastic! I’m in love! I would love to give a card to my amazing boyfriend, Mike because he is so supportive for what I do and life is simply amazing because he’s apart of it.
    Loving the giveaway! Such a good idea.

    Thanks Lisa & Ashleigh!

  4. I’d give one to my fiancé because he’s been my best friend for years and Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity to tell him how much I love him 🙂

  5. Ide Give one to my Mom! Because she has been my Rock and support over the past year, and shes one beautiful lady inside and out, deserving of a Beautiful Valentine 🙂

  6. I’d give the card to my lovely boyfriend, Alex, because he’s my bestest friend & soul mate for life 🙂

  7. Jillian Christine

    Wow I love those cards! So cute! I would love to give one of these to my amazing boyfriend whom I love immensely. He is the most supportive, caring person I’ve ever met. He has the ability to make me laugh til I cry, and make me smile on my moodiest days. :))

  8. I am obsessed with these cards–and have actually already bought my fave from Etsy (I Love You Everyday…).

    Even though my husband is perfect (he does it all, from cooking to love) and seriously deserves a killer card, I almost can’t bear to write on this gorgeousness. Perhaps if I had a set, I could bear to part with one……

  9. I would give it to my sister- for two reasons. 1. I’m recently single. 2. I love that cute little nugget more than she’ll ever know.

  10. Hi!

    My name is Jeff and I heard about your work through Lauren McPhilips. I’ve seen some of your stuff before and think that the work you do is absolutely fantastic! I would give these cards to my girlfriend, who I love so much. I think she would love what you can do with paper! Keep up the good work!

  11. These cards are beautiful in their simplicity. Amazing work, I love them!

  12. I’d give a card to my best friend back home because I miss him and we hardly get to hangout but I want him to know he’s still my bro-bro.

  13. I would give a card to my gran, because I think she deserves a nice surprise.

  14. I would give one to my good friend Steph who has been my mailing buddy for all special occasions and then some random days as well! She has inspired me with her strength, kindness and patience and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I remind her of all this by sending her cards! Would love to give her one of these 🙂


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