One of the things I love most about my job is the instant gratification that exists when you change something in a room and it looks fabulous- like it was always meant to be there, like you cannot believe you didn’t think of it before. Take my office for example:

20130131-000944.jpg I bought this chevron pillow from West Elm on a complete whim while pulling accessories for a bathroom project I am working on. I had originally pictured something totally different (darker, more colour pulled from the art) but the contrast of the textured chevron against the painterly blobs in the art is a nice one. The chevron is loose enough that it doesn’t feel like a complete departure but graphic enough to provide contrast. Instant polish and vibrancy in my tiny office. Over to the desk:

20130131-001441.jpg I invested a solid 4 hours being completely ruthless about the avalanche of papers that had accumulated on my desk. It was bad. Like Hoarders bad. I am committed to controlling my personal paper clutter and having a mostly clear surface top. Anything that must be on the table then gets confined to this acrylic tray- so it better look pretty!

20130131-174120.jpg This last image is a pretty little sconce that just found a home at Casa Canning. Learning about layered lighting plans changed my life- I think lighting is an element often overlooked in interior decorating. It’s pretty essential to light a room well in order to function and showcase the pieces you’ve invested in!

Finding quick ways to improve your life through decor is so exciting to me- I hope it excites you too!


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