Sorry everyone for this late Friday 5- today was jam packed with meetings all over the city. Among them was the beginning of a new renovation project in Toronto’s Danforth area that I can’t wait to start.

I can’t wait to start because this awesome family lives in a gorgeous home with lots of history- it was the first one built on the street back when it was all farm land, and many historic architectural elements have remained over the years. However, a history of ugly interesting choices from pervious home owners have left the home with an identity crisis in regards to finishes and really impractical layout and storage for this active family.

Driving home from this meeting I realized how much my own home is in need of a major renovation. Our kitchen is literally falling apart. I have mismatched flooring in high traffic areas. Clutter collects because storage is impractical. My bathroom is almost exclusively yellow (no further explanation needed).

So for today’s Friday 5, here are my favourite images that are inspiring me for my own home reno. When it finally begins I’ll be squealing for joy!

20130202-105147.jpg I love the waterfall counter and contrast of the wood stools in this kitchen designed by Marla Schrank Interiors.

20130202-105348.jpg I love the simplicity of this white kitchen designed by Magdalena Keck with small hits of black. I have a feeling a very dark grey or black will play a strong presence in my main floor reno.

20130202-110020.jpg Jason Wu has just designed a new line for Brizo– dreaming of this in my bathroom.

20130202-110508.jpg I will likely have no money (or space?) for this beauty from Paloform but a girl can dream (and save).


And despite the evidence that this post suggests, I actually love colour. This Lisboni throw from Missoni is so lovely.

Lastly, it was so much fun to read all the lovely and earnest entries in my Paper People Co card giveaway. And the winner is (selected at random)….

Cait! Whose mom is going to get a lovely surprise. So excited for you to share some love Cait and thanks to everyone for your sweet entries and to Ashleigh at Paper People Co for gifting the cards. Love day is fast approaching!



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