I was recently hired to put the finishing touches on a little girl’s room in Forest Hill- and one of the client’s desires were some prints by Toronto illustrator Alanna Cavanagh. I have admired Alanna’s work ever since she did that fabulous installation at IDS a few years ago so I was so excited to get to meet her in person to pick up my client’s prints.

On a ridiculously cold Canadian evening in January, you can imagine how nice it felt to walk into this:20130207-151723.jpg And Alanna had fresh chicken soup on the burner the evening I visited so the place felt and smelled like a giant hug. Alanna’s downtown Toronto loft is full of saturated colour, and vibrant pattern. I recognized a Bev Hisey rug right away:20130207-151705.jpg It is also full of her beautiful hand illustrations and silk screened prints (of course styled in awesome vignettes): 20130207-151732.jpg20130207-151757.jpg20130207-151806.jpg I love this collection of pillows against her colourful work:20130207-151909.jpg And this little nook with her printing supplies and an assortment of small prints for sale is so lovely- love the chartreuse walls: 20130207-152001.jpg20130207-154232.jpg20130207-154300.jpg20130207-154325.jpg Alanna’s space is as vibrant as her warm personality. It’s always wonderful to meet the artist behind the work- and equally wonderful when the artist is as delightful to be around as Alanna. She has a new line of home products to be released at The Bay in the very near future- which like the limited edition tea towel she did in 2012- will fly of the shelves. Thanks Alanna for sharing your home and your talents with my clients and readers!

Photos by Alanna Cavanagh and Lisa Canning


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