PRODUCT REVIEW: The Dyson Hot + Cool™

With all the up and down / hot and cold / spring not spring oh winter’s back weather we have been having in Toronto I was very glad I had on hand The Dyson Hot + Cool™ bladeless fan heater to test out. This little machine switches from hot to cold with a simple (and stylish) switch utilizing its Air Multiplier technology.

I must admit the sleek design is what I love the most. In a small space like mine I don’t have room for many devices- the 2-in-1 capabilities of this little machine save me closet space and it’s compact size allows it to sit on a mantle or on the floor unobtrusively.

The product tilts and rotates allowing for heat or cool air to flow around a room. With the winter like weather we had recently I had it on full blast a few evenings and it did a decent job of heating my small living room. I love that the technology that Dyson is so known for includes that this unit is bladeless- so no worries with my little children and their little fingers.

Last design point- I love that the remote sits via magnet seamlessly on top of the unit. Good design and great technology- my kind of product.


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