Hello and forgive me for my blogging absence. Allow me to present a few excuses reasons for my lack of blog posts!

20130613-213051.jpg Baby #4 is growing rapidly- and time is passing quickly! Cannot believe my first trimester is already in the rear view mirror. Excited to explore summer maternity fashions 🙂

2. WE’VE BEEN DESIGNING20130613-213856.jpg

20130613-213942.jpg As my baby has been growing, lots of progress has been made at client projects. Above is a custom unit making its way over to The Kit offices as part of #TheKitReveal, and an elevation of a kitchen renovation that we’re excited to start.

3. WE’VE BEEN LEARNING20130613-214403.jpg I attended an event recently introducing me to Cree lightbulbs, a fantastic LED lightbulb that looks like your regular incandescent bulb. I have always loved LED lights for their energy efficient properties, but with small children in the house I’m always worried about them breaking and omitting toxins. Cree bulbs have a very unique property- if they are dropped, they implode on themselves and all contents remain contained (and kiddies remain safe). Such a great property! The event was hosted by Ian Somerhalder, who I learned is so passionate about educating and empowering people to be more environmentally conscious. Another fun property- these bulbs omit a similar warm glow like their less eco friendly friends. Plus Cree bulbs have a limited ten year warranty. We’re going to start specifying these energy efficient bulbs wherever possible.

4. I’VE BEEN SNUGGLING20130613-215245.jpg Lots of this. So much fun. Thanks to Katherine Holland for capturing this moment.


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