20130708-214840.jpg I love shoes- but I think I love good retail design even more. And such is the case with the new Aldo flagship at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. It’s a beautiful graphic space, with smart design features like LED lighting sleekly incorporated into shelving and subtly nods to their branding in graphic prints and patterns throughout (even the floor was designed with the “A” motif in mind). Designed by Montreal based Raphael Sottolichio in collaboration with the UK branding firm Dry.

20130708-215129.jpg I love the graphic nature of the space, which really allows the colorful product assortment to pop. Over a fantastic media breakfast I got to soak in the store (and a pair of lovely heels- thank you Aldo!).

20130708-215713.jpg I decided on this lovely pair- but might swap them for these:

20130708-215723.jpg Both of which would make a lovely shoe choice at this Thursday’s Gardening in High Heels (click on over to win a pair of tickets to this fab event). Decisions! You’ll have to come to the event to see which ones I choose. Regardless, I’ll be back for another visit of this smartly designed location very soon!


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