Hello and wishing everyone a happy long weekend! I regret my blogging absence lately- miss you, and I’m using September and the start of a new school year to turn over a new blogging leaf. I promise to be a good student : )

Speaking of students, yesterday I took all three kids, to IKEA, on a Saturday morning, of the long weekend before school begins. I just about died. What I witnessed what fairly hilarious- amongst keeping tabs on my 3 kids, I navigated through irritated Starbucks laden parents with  their equally irritated university bound children, trying to choose desks and beds for their new living quarters. I almost wanted to offer free design consults on the spot as the exasperated conversations of will it fit, won’t it fit, that’s not the right size, that’s not the right colour, etc. etc. etc. made my head hurt, and my empathy scream hard.

While living in a dorm room / sharing a house with friends is long in my rearview, living small is not. We live in a small bungalow, which we love- but has presented many design challenges, especially concerning keeping toys and clutter under control. Like the parents / kids at IKEA, I have to constantly ask if a piece will fit in my small house, and think carefully about what comes in. In my own small living space, I have prioritized 4 things: 1) fun patterns 2) appropriately scaled furniture 3) double duty storage 4) solutions for clutter.

I recently got to share my home and these small space living tips and more on, a fun blog sharing ideas about money, health, and family. It was great fun to shoot and if you ask their biased mother, my darling kids stole the show.

For some bright ideas for living small click on over and watch the clip below. Enjoy!


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