I am actually following through on my BlogPodium resolutions! 2 for 2 if anyone was keeping track.

As I mentioned, one of my resolutions was to be more personal- so this is a slightly more personal post- on dressing up and strategies for remaining stylish when feeling like a blimp.

I am 33 weeks pregnant- and honestly cannot believe 1) how big my baby bump is and 2) this pregnancy has gone this fast. As my track record has shown (4 babies in 5 ish years) I enjoy being pregnant. I’ve been blessed with healthy pregnancies, joy filled kids and a husband who I love (a lot!) 🙂

What this also makes me is somewhat of an expert in maternity clothing and dressing up for work at various stages. So in a series on Wednesdays I will share my style tips (w/ bump and beyond), and other tidbits to help you lead a stylish, functional life (the two must go hand in hand).

Maternity shopping isn’t easy. Finding clothing that is tailored, trendy and not astronomically expensive has always been a challenge for me. So when I discovered the line Stork and Babe at Thyme Maternity via Natasha’s Twitter feed I almost did a high kick.

20131002-233605.jpg I love this cropped jacket, zippered pants and jersey top from the new Stork and Babe collection. I paired it with Jessica Simpson pumps, one of my Rebecca Minkoff‘s and a fun boo hoo necklace. Loving that these pieces are feminine, a bit edgy and most importantly, comfortable.

Many thanks to mdd photography for snapping these photos of this special time in my life 🙂


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