Full disclosure- my busy schedule means I am notoriously last minute in many areas of my life. I am the gal who wraps presents in the car on the way to parties- and is carving a pumpkin the night before Hallowe’en.

So if you’re like me and appreciate quick and simple (and chic) decor ideas this post is for you!

I’m all about the no carve pumpkin (trying to convince my children of this, likely not going to win) and this idea from Better Homes and Gardens is quick and stylish:


I love how simple this idea is from craft master Martha Stewart. I totally have a pack of balloons and a sharpie marker and could whip this up in time for trick or treaters.


And finally, if you had the supplies on hand, this hilarious project by my lovely friend Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault (her new blog Hue La La is just fab) would be a spooky addition to your front stoop.

Hue La La

Love to know about your time saving spooky decorating tricks! All images via websites linked.


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