A more personal post today (I’ll be back with more design tomorrow)! This is my family- and I love them.

We live a very busy life with 4 kids 4 and under. It’s demanding, with multiple diaper changes, emotional boo boos, physical boo boos, genuine crazy chaos stress at times. But we embrace it, roll with it, try to find humor in it (and there is a lot of it, daily).

This is us today as we had baby Rose baptized. We started the day exhausted and sleep deprived (I may have ugly cried in a fit of hormones because I could not find anything to wear). We ended the day feeling filled to the brim with joy, surrounded by family and friends.

So today’s post is to give thanks- for all the lovely messages, for the offers of cooked meals, for the lovely gifts and flowers and for all the love we have felt so much of.

It’s been a joyful beginning to our “new normal” of life with our entertaining brood. It’s fun and challenging, difficult and rewarding- and I love it.


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