Hello! It’s been a few days since I have posted as we’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves on our #RiverdaleReno project. Cannot wait to share a pretty dramatic transformation with you.

Speaking of elves, how are your Christmas plans going? In my true last minute fashion, I’m a bit delayed in getting things done- but we have made progress!

I found myself an app called AnyList after looking through several Christmas themed gift list apps- this one was my favourite for its simple design and REALLY satisfying way you cross items off with a quick click on my iPhone. As you can see from this partial screenshot I’ve got lots of research to do- excited to come up with some unique gifts (or maybe some unique experiences!) this year for my loved ones.
Photo Dec 05, 12 21 18 AM

I had some help dressing our tree from my three little helpers. We start with purple decorations throughout the season of Advent and then we go all out with more Christmas hooplah on Christmas Eve. It’s been a fun tradition and I look forward to creating new ones.
Photo Dec 05, 12 27 47 AM
How is your gift list coming along? Are you all decorated for the holidays yet? Love to hear how your plans are coming along. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please check out my Christmas Pledge Calendar for Last Minute Planners! It’s helping me stay (somewhat) organized.



  1. Hi Lisa,

    I’m one of the creators of the AnyList app. Thanks for checking it out! We’re glad to hear that you like it. Let us know if you have suggestions for future updates!

    • Hi Jeff! Great to connect with you and thanks for reading. For a visual person like me, I went through about 10 list apps (sounds excessive, I know!) before choosing to use yours. Great to connect!

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