This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my oldest, dearest friends. After a holiday season of crazy colds and flus, and ice-mageddon in Toronto, this entire weekend in Salt Lake City was pure sunshine- glorious, glamorous, heart exploding with love sunshine! 20140110-231049.jpg
Starting with this gorgeous shot of the bride and her groom in this incredible venue. Built between 1909-1911, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building used to be home to the historic Hotel Utah. It’s now used as event space, restaurants, and offices for the LDS church.
I have been friends with this beautiful bride for over 15 years. I’ve laughed with her, cried with her, been through incredibly awkward hair and eyebrow stages (speaking for myself, she was always perfect)! There is something very special about friends who have known you for such a long period of time- who have seen you at your best and at your worst. We live many miles apart and don’t see each other as much as I would like- but when we do there is a security, familiarity, tenderness and respect I treasure so much.
20140111-002548.jpg Cuddles with my youngest! In white tulle and gold polka dots!
20140111-003142.jpg Cuddles with the beautiful bride!
20140111-003203.jpg20140111-003249.jpg20140111-095830.jpg So many thoughtful details in this gorgeous reception. Her groom made this ginormous cake (he’s Cordon Bleu trained!), and even learned to sew to make the striped runners- love that.

I cried a ridiculous amount of tears as heartfelt speeches were made. The groom composed and sang a song for his bride that literally made me weep. The love in the room was so palpable- I don’t think I stopped smiling all evening.

Also- Salt Lake City is beautiful! I stayed at the Sheraton downtown, which was so cozy, with a gorgeous fireplace in the lobby and really friendly staff.
I had a great deal of fun dressing up for this wedding. In such a grand setting (and for my glamorous friend!) it was ball gown time!
Dress: vintage from my mom’s closet. White jacket: Smythe les Vestes. Sequined jacket: Forever 21. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Hair and makeup by Julie Jackson
To say it was such a blessing to be present at this beautiful wedding is an understatement. So many happy memories I have come home with!


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