20140223-195549.jpg One of my favourite bedrooms designed for a client- love the dark walls!

Happy Monday- I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent mine obsessed with the Olympics, and obsessed with my house. We are undergoing a significant home renovation this year, and pretty much every room is getting some attention- including our master bedroom.

At a recent seminar at Toronto retailer Elte, sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley implored upon the audience the importance of the environment you sleep in, in order to actually sleep well.

Well my environment is pretty crappy. I am not brave enough to post a picture today- but it’s basically a gong show of laundry baskets, diaper boxes with kids clothes, falling apart furniture, window treatments that are too short.

But the end is near and I’ve been thinking lots about what makes a beautiful bedroom. Here are my top 5 things that I will be keeping in mind when tackling my bedroom:

Dr. Neil Stanley told the National Post that you don’t have to buy the most expensive mattress- he believes in purchasing something that works with your budget and lifestyle. He explains in the article above that a $1000 mattress per night over 10 years is $0.14 per night, while a $5000 mattress at $0.70 per night. Purchase what works for you.

Joanna Goodman from Au Lit Fine Linens converted me on sheets as an investment vs something to pick up last minute at the big box store- quality does make a difference here. This is an area I think you should spend as much as your budget allows.

20140223-202048.jpg Master Bedroom at my #riverdalereno project. So much storage!

Through many client projects I have discovered how much good organization contributes to a better quality of life. Thus I am all about organized drawers and closed storage like what we did above at #riverdalereno. No more staring at piles of clutter in the bedroom! Closed storage for the win.

On a similar point to the point above- I never want to see laundry in my bedroom again. I’m moving all dirty laundry to a hamper in a closet just outside the room. It’s a simple shift to create a more serene, beautiful space.

It’s definitely not for everyone- but if you’re open to it, go dark. Dark paint or wallpaper on the walls can feel intimate, dramatic, cozy, and certainly conducive for sleep.

What makes a bedroom feel beautiful to you?

Blue bedroom photos by Larry Arnal, #riverdalereno provided by Black GC


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