A girlfriend of mine from university, Jamie Lee Reardin, recently shared some pretty fantastic news involving her and the house of Dior. She has been invited to be their artist in residence working with the brand on all kinds of incredible projects. Read more about her fantastic new partnership here at

Her recent news made me recall fondly a feature we did on her Hermosa Beach, California home last year. Here it is again in all its springy-summery goodness:

My beachside studio is in Hermosa Beach, CA. While my basic furniture was purchased from stores like Target and HomeGoods, it is my collection of books, magazines, and kooky knick knacks that truly reflect my personality.

I do my best to decorate my space with anything that inspires me, relying on bright colors, floral prints, and fresh flower arrangements to create an enchanting place where my imagination can roam wildly.

My oversized vision board is somewhat of a centerpiece in my studio. A place to pin down my inspiration and and bring me back to where my illustration style stemmed.20130124-201400.jpg20130124-201413.jpg20130124-201424.jpg20130124-201433.jpg


Connect with my beautiful friend Jamie on twitter and Instagram @jamieleereardin. All images courtesy Jamie Lee Reardin


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