#CANNING RENO WEEK 1: thoughts about “stuff”

It has begun- we are week 1 of the #canningreno (thanks for all the suggestions for my hashtag)!

Very conveniently, we’re located across the street in a rental. Like, directly across the street. Like, I can watch each sub trade show up through my front window across the street! So so convenient and it made moving a lot less painful.

However, it was also pretty painful. In the 2 weeks we have lived at our rental unit, and I have packed and sorted 5 years of belongings, I have learned / observed the following:
– I own 16 bottles of nail polish. I paint my nails maybe twice a year.
– The number of toys that my children have, that were buried at the bottom of miscellaneous forgotten containers, is shocking.
– My husband owns like a bajillion white socks that do not match.
– My husband and I have been married for 6 years and we had about 5 boxes in the basement that were never unpacked when we moved from our first apartment.

I make these above observations as I am making a commitment to myself- that whatever goes into our “new” house will make our lives better. It will give us value. It won’t be a “just incase” item. It won’t stay in a box for 5 years. We will use it, we will love it, and enjoy it.

This is the hope- continue to follow along our #canningreno to see how we make it through!


One response to “#CANNING RENO WEEK 1: thoughts about “stuff”

  1. So awesome that you’re using #canningreno ! I wish you the best of luck with this reno chicky! Going to be unreal 😉

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