CANNING RENO WEEK #1: ugly crying and a pretty break

This is my house. Day #3 of my #canningreno. Soon (ok, not soon) this will be an open concept kitchen area- but for today, it is a gross mess.

What has been so interesting about this process is my reaction to everything. I have been a mess. An ugly crying, attached to possessions, tired mess. While my strategy strengths and stamina are pretty present doing the exact same thing for clients, for myself they seem to be absent.

I am not going to analyze it too much here on the blog, but if you see me at an event and I look a little weary feel free to pour me a glass. Or 2. (My preference is red!)

Speaking of events, I took a break from all the chaos and attended the launch of the Style At Home Collection for Sears Canada at the Ritz Carlton. This was a much needed dose of pretty:

This collection is full of pattern and easy coordinating pieces. I got to chat with editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin (who was very involved in the design of the collection) about her favourite pieces- and I have to agree, the coverlets are super soft, beautifully patterned.

Here’s Erin with home decor & seasonal marketing manager for Sears Colby Jarvis (in pretty greens!):

And I got to be breakfast buddies with the lovely Stephanie Sterjovski (in pretty florals!): 20140404-085531.jpg

And on a final personal note, 5 years ago today my life changed for the better in the best way. I became mom to John, my lovely little guy who is a caring, friendly dude and a great big brother. If you’re looking for me today I will probably be a sentimental mess (and likely more tears, but this time happy ones!) Happy Friday!


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