There’s been some discussion in recent weeks on the topic of blogging, and its future- how it has been changing and evolving. Lindsay wrote a lovely post here, as did Jennifer here.

I started blogging on my old blog when I was on TV as the designer on Marriage Under Construction, and here on an even older blog. I started it because I wanted to direct people somewhere to learn more about me. I shared the DIY projects we did, I shared some behind the scenes TV stuff, and quickly it became more of an online journal. When we had our first son, my husband took 4 months parental leave and during that time I blogged almost daily! A considerable accomplishment as today I find blogging consistently my biggest challenge- but it came so naturally then.

I never cared about page views, subscribers, or any other stats. I just cared about writing, recording, sharing and connecting.

As my business grew I blogged less. It became less personal, and more maintenance. It became a thing I had to do instead of something I loved. Truthfully, time just didn’t allow me to focus on the blog as I did before when I had less clients and only one baby.

But when I look back on those blogs, I love how personal they were. I loved writing them. They told the story of my life. I was more honest. And I really want to get back to that place of sharing stories, being more authentic, being more myself! For no conscious reason was I less honest on this blog- but for some reason I have been.

So here’s my promise- to be more myself on this little corner of the internet. When I talk about brands it is because I love them and they are products with my personal stamp of approval, that bring me joy and I think might bring you joy too. When I talk about my #canningreno it will likely to be to vent, but also to enlighten and educate about the process of interior design and renovation. And when I talk about my personal life it will be to connect, to tell stories and be open.

I’ll be a launching a new lisacanning.ca I am hoping by June as the platform to share these stories (and with some fun new things I have been cooking up- so excited to share!) and I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy as much as I am going to enjoy writing. I am so excited to share my stories. I’ll be blogging here until my new site launches 🙂

A happy Saturday and blessed Easter to everyone celebrating!


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