Howdy! I regret it has been a while- boy have we been busy. Big client project underway, a bit of behind the scenes design TV work for a popular pair of twin TV hosts that are back in Toronto, and the regular hilarity of a family of 6 living in rental across from a major renovation. Watching it like hawks through my front window.

Speaking of my renovation, I thought I would share a bit of the before plans of my #canningreno:

Want to see the proposed plans? Here you go:
Main floor- hello to new kitchen, a fireplace, a more open concept style of living. We’re adding an actual closet to our bedroom (our previous one was a big opening with no doors, so sad), sliding barn doors to our bathroom (to take advantage of the hallway to make it feel bigger!) and just loads and loads of functional, small space strategies.

The basement is becoming one big urban living space. A small kitchenette, lots of play space, a table that will convert to accommodate large parties, a 2 way fireplace into an office (so excited for that!!!) and a furnace room that makes so much more sense.

I promise I will post proper before images so you can see what my house looked like in all it’s ugly glory. But the floor plans give you a sense of how poorly laid out my house was for a family our size.

Thanks for following along this #canningreno adventure. I am so thankful for all of you who read and are joining me in this crazy exciting time for my family 😉

Happy happy Friday!


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