Canning kids Buffalo selfie!

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers! I am happy to report I contributed to the US economy this Memorial Day weekend (aka I went shopping) via a quick road trip to Buffalo, New York.

The family and I decided somewhat impromptu to take a quick trip south. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo, which was super clean, friendly staff, with free breakfast and happy hour snacks / cocktails (cocktails are always so appreciated).




The kids and I decided to explore downtown Buffalo on a Saturday afternoon- and architectural highlights we saw in the form of old, character filled buildings. But people- and stuff to do- we did not. I learned pretty quickly that downtown Buffalo isn’t exactly a happening place- so our little exploration afternoon consisted of riding the free trolley 3 stops south and then 3 stops north 🙂


The highlight for me was exploring the nearby Fatima shrine in Lewiston, New York. The kids had lovely time exploring the grounds, finding their patron saints, and getting the vitamin D we have waited so patiently for!!! And the grounds basically confirmed I need to have a pond in the backyard of my next house (no wait- I did not just say that! My #canningreno needs to end and then I am never moving…)

I hope my US readers are all having a wonderful long weekend! How did you soak up the sun?


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