The wallpaper that filled the length of my main floor is now gone. This paper, which I lovingly put up while 8 months pregnant with my second child (I am a crazy lady), and my oldest then toddler at 17-months thought would be hilarious to rip off as soon as I applied (so not funny at the time) came down today. In like a sliver of the time it took to put up.

I loved it in 2010 but am excited to move on in a new direction for my #canningreno in 2014! You can read more about that here.

It took no time at all (about 30 linear feet I got done in 2 hours, done in 30 minute blocks of time whenever I could steal a break between kids and work) and it truthfully was no big deal.

TIP 1: soak the paper like crazy. Like crazy. I used a dish towel cause that is all I had on hand but a massive sponge would be ideal. Wash the paper with lots of water, use more than you think.

TIP 2: work a section at a time. I would move my step ladder every 4-6 feet or so and work in small sections.

TIP 3: be patient and try to get it all in one full piece. After I got the hang of how much water to apply it flew. At first I scraped at little wee bits way more than I needed to- once I figured out more water was better it flew.

Cannot wait to get the new paper up and get this reno finished!!!!

What reno projects are you tackling this summer? Let me know in the comments!


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