Ok. Get ready for a super honest, heart on sleeve type, maybe I ugly cried, kinda cranky, post.

As I type this I am covered in drywall dust, my hair is in a very disheveled not at all hipster like top knot, and I have moved maybe my 20th box for the 20th time.

I am super grateful for the opportunity to renovate. And I do not for a second want to seem ungrateful that we are able to do this, and the results of all this hard work will be worth it. It could be so much worse. There are really serious things happening in the world beyond my little bubble of renovating / working basically full time / talking care of my kids / and fitting in the odd television appearance.

What I am feeling right now is the depressing feeling of taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. We finished our floors (yay!) but then got them all dirty with more construction mess (boo). We are moving back home (woo hoo!) but there’s still so much to do before it is really done (sigh).

And I am also feeling pretty tired. Like fall asleep in my oatmeal type tired!

So today I am distracting myself, and energizing myself with my finishes. Here are a couple of the fun light fixtures going in my house:



Super excited to learn about new e-tailer Mirens where all these fixtures are from. Even more excited to be working with them on my house. Thinking about all the pretty keeps me excited and motivated. The house will be finished one day. And it will be great for my family.

What do you do when you get tired in the middle of a project? How do you keep your spirits up? Love to know in the comments below.


3 responses to “SLOWLY GOING CRAZY


  2. I feel your pain! We’re in the middle (suposably end) of renoing. It’s funny how I have seen this a million times as a professional, and you hear people say it all the time, how rents are stressful… Somehow you think that it’s going to be different when it’s yours. Frankly, it’s so frustrating sometimes that it sucks all the fun out of it and you start resenting your own place… Need to keep my eyes on the prize, visualize my family happily in there, and it will be all worth it! Good luck on yours!

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