A quick update this weekend on the status of my house. #canningreno has windows and boy are they pretty. I have never been more excited about a piece of glass in my life.

I promise to do a full breakdown of the costs of this reno but let me tell you black interior windows were more expensive than I thought- but for me essential to the modern, slightly industrial feel I wanted for the house. We went with white interior windows everywhere else in the house to be more conservative on costs (cause it was a significant jump) but both windows in the front are black. Love the contrast with our light floors (which is the topic of another lengthy post… Because my floors I kid you not caused me to lay awake at night!)

I hope everyone is having a great last leg of summer (pains me to write that!) with whatever money I have left after this reno I am excited to do some back to school wardrobe updates.

How are you spending the last few weeks of summer?


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