As I wrote about earlier this summer, this wallpaper basically inspired the entire design of my main floor. And last night, I put her up.



I have a ton of experience wallpapering so in my house, I was confident to DIY it. I will say though, on the level of easy to difficult this ranks right up there in the difficult ranks with tiling (see my fun first attempt at tiling here).

Here is the secret to awesome wallpaper application- do it with a baby on your back:



I am obviously kidding. Wallpapering with my baby on my back actually made the whole process way harder (although it was a great work out for my abs). Baby was fussy and mommy was way goal oriented so baby came along for the ride. (On a completely unrelated note- this is the first time baby was in the carrier in the backpack position and she LOVED IT. She was so happy riding piggy back!)

Here are my actual secrets to awesome wallpaper application- especially with a large focal area like I am installing- 1) work with 2 people. 2) AND BE PATIENT. This is the best advice I can give. Not pictured here is my awesome assistant Monica who is really gifted in meticulous, patient tasks like this. It is simply just easier to manipulate the paper with 2 people- one person can work on the ladder while the other passes tools. I did a portion of this on my own and while still doable, moves along a lot faster with a friend.

Other secret of course is to hire. Wallpaper is very delicate- and if you rip it- there goes $$$$.

Final secret- use the sharpest blade possible to do all the trimming. I change my blade with every 3rd panel installed- so basically I go through an entire knife for my 20′ wall.

Like tiling, I think wallpaper application is a task that can be learned- but it requires a ton of patience and based on personal experience, experience installing is the best teacher.

Another fun fact: about an 8′ length of my living room wall took us about 6 hours (and I consider myself fairly experienced). Wallpapering is not a job you can rush. So also think about the time you will invest doing it yourself and if it is worth the cost- cause your time is valuable.

Love to know in the comments below if you’ve ever attempted wallpapering and if you are pleased with the results!!!!


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