Happy Friday of the long weekend!!!! First off, big thanks to everyone who came to visit me at the Yorkdale Home Depot for my #CILontheRoad tour. I’m back again next Thursday September 4 at the Dufferin and Steeles location offering free paint advice.

Today’s post I have a feeling might resonate with everyone (especially this long weekend)- the desire for more time. With work and family demands I know my life can feel unmanageable at times- and I love any strategy that will give me more margin, more balance, and more joy.

So I am pretty excited that I will be leading a round table discussion at Blog Podium 2014 on the topic of maximizing your time: strategies to save you time so you can balance blogging, family and work. Does more time sound good to you? Then read on!

Probably the best strategy that has allowed me to feel more balance in the full life of raising 4 little kids, keeping house, running a business, renovating my #canningreno, etc etc has been Strength Finder. Sharing my strengths and then delegating / hiring out my weaknesses has proven to be the best strategy for making more time and finding more joy. While the notion of letting go of control has always challenged me (and still challenges me!) it has been the best way to find more balance.

Another strategy for finding more time is ensuring you have a very clear sense of why you are doing what you are doing- made ensure that everything you do is measured against this goal.

Final tidbit that I am going to share a ton more in my round table discussion is on making a schedule. While I am not perfect at it I have worked very hard at practicing the art of scheduling my time, and prioritizing what needs to get done within blocks of time. Again I am not perfect- but with 4 kids with various schedules, a husband who travels for work on the regular, and clients in various parts of the city… you can imagine I have to be somewhat organized.

This weekend I am getting my house organized and spending time cuddling with my kids on my new couch (eee!).

How do you find more time in your busy life? What plans have you got on the go this holiday weekend? Love to know 🙂


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