Lisa Canning designer Toronto

Lisa Canning has been offering her contemporary designs to the GTA for over 5 years. A graduate of Ryerson University’s acclaimed School of Fashion, Lisa brought her flair for textiles and colour as she transitioned into designing homes on HGTV’s Marriage Under Construction. Lisa launched her design practice shortly thereafter specializing in customized, modern interiors for both commercial and residential spaces with a focus on small space design.

Known for her innovative solutions for spaces big and small, Lisa’s work can be seen in numerous design lifestyle publications including Chatelaine, Canadian Family, Home Decor & Renovations, Homes Magazines, Del Condo Magazines and Canadian Home Trends Magazine.

Lisa has worked on the production teams of popular lifestyle shows including Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers and For Rent, and has been featured as a guest expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, Global News & Breakfast Television.

When not working on client’s spaces, she can be found relaxing with her husband Josh, and her four children John, Evelyn, Leo and Rose.

Connect with Lisa on twitter @lisa_canning, instagram @lisacanning 


12 responses to “ABOUT LISA

  1. does your firm do indiviual condos/ for a fee of course

  2. Hi Adam, Yes, we design private residences. Give me a shout at info@lisacanning.ca and we can discuss your proejct. Best, Lisa

  3. Hey Lisa,
    I am hoping that you can help me…I am desperately searching for Teak Patio Tiles…the ones that come in 1 foot squares that click together…I know that IKEA has some but the wood is cheap…Do you have any idea where I might find them?
    I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  4. Looking forward to following your tips – I love seeing the transformation of a small space into something functional and chic!

  5. Ashwini Monteiro

    i just saw you this morning on the marilyn dennis show and you mentioned a website that helps u design furniture placement on ur floorplans, can u let me know about that website again

  6. hi lisa, i think you are amazingly creative, i love your show on MUC s1, by the way i’m from indonesia, i’m so inspired by you. so recently, i have the courage to renov my home interior. it doesn’t hove to be expernsive to create a beautiful interior, so thanks to you lisa….

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