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My fried and colleague Meredith Heron asked me recently how my #canningreno is going. I responded, quite honestly, that I am the worst client ever. Like, the worst. Mainly because I keep changing my mind about finishes for my house ALL. THE. TIME.

Thankfully, we are approaching drywall stage so I am being forced to make a decision about things. But one thing that I have known I have wanted as the basis of the design of my house is this:

Meet Audrey by Graham and Brown. She is pretty. So pretty. I like that she is a little bit classic, but slightly edgy. And there’s going to be a lot of her going on in my house.

I explain this to clients all the time- it’s important to start somewhere. Start with a fabric, or a rug choice, or even an amazing print on a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it. Let something inform the design for a cohesive look.

In other news, big thanks to Jacklyn and Michelle who invited me to be a part of their media panel at the first #communique101 PR conference at the Spoke Club this week. It was a fabulous event chatting with new entrepreneurs.


Like in design, when running a business you also have to commit- what is your value, what do you offer the market place that is unique and exciting?

I hope everyone has had a great week- and an even more fabulous weekend.

Photos courtesy of Graham and Brown and Jacklyn Denise



Canning kids Buffalo selfie!

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers! I am happy to report I contributed to the US economy this Memorial Day weekend (aka I went shopping) via a quick road trip to Buffalo, New York.

The family and I decided somewhat impromptu to take a quick trip south. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo, which was super clean, friendly staff, with free breakfast and happy hour snacks / cocktails (cocktails are always so appreciated).




The kids and I decided to explore downtown Buffalo on a Saturday afternoon- and architectural highlights we saw in the form of old, character filled buildings. But people- and stuff to do- we did not. I learned pretty quickly that downtown Buffalo isn’t exactly a happening place- so our little exploration afternoon consisted of riding the free trolley 3 stops south and then 3 stops north 🙂


The highlight for me was exploring the nearby Fatima shrine in Lewiston, New York. The kids had lovely time exploring the grounds, finding their patron saints, and getting the vitamin D we have waited so patiently for!!! And the grounds basically confirmed I need to have a pond in the backyard of my next house (no wait- I did not just say that! My #canningreno needs to end and then I am never moving…)

I hope my US readers are all having a wonderful long weekend! How did you soak up the sun?


Sometimes us working moms need a little treat to recharge (remember my post on saying no more?) and recharge I did at Caesar Spa in Richmond Hill as part of WaySpa’s bi-annual spa week (thanks to the kind team at WaySpa for inviting me!) I enjoyed a revitalizing salt scrub- which, to be honest, I had no idea what would entail (except for the obvious inclusion of salt). But oh my was it relaxing. What was enjoyable about it was that it wasn’t intense like a deep tissue massage (which for me often hurts, although the pain is obviously for good) but more of a light massage with exfoliation through the salt scrub. I left feeling refreshed and peaceful with super soft skin.


I chose to go uptown as it was easy parking, closer to home and to be honest, I just don’t have the kind of time to devote a full day or half day to spa time. I was in and out, with a bit of time dedicated to enjoying a cup of tea and aimlessly reading a magazine, in an hour and 20 minutes- and for me that was the perfect amount of time to decompress.

From a design point of view this particular spa is lovely in the public areas but needs a little bit of love in other areas (really really small change rooms, a few somewhat dated / not exciting decor choices). Staff were friendly and the treatment was delightful.

The deal WaySpa is offering is pretty awesome- until April 27 you pay $50 for select services that are typically valued at MUCH more (some packages I looked at were a savings of $250). And there are some pretty swank locations on the list of Toronto spas- the Trump and the Holt Renfrew spas included on the select list. If I had more time I probably would check out both! It’s a delightful price for the value- and investing in some me time is always a good one.

Check out the full list of spas in your province here. Happy decompressing!

Images courtesy of


Happy Monday- I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I spent mine somewhat warp speed- which is why I am carrying the spirit of the weekend forward today with a little fashion post that is very weekend relaxed.

Lisa Canning Interiors designs Knot PR. 04.05.2014 (Katherine Holland) Lisa Canning Interiors designs Knot PR. 04.05.2014 (Katherine Holland)

lisa+canning+interiors+detail 2

Lisa Canning Interiors designs Knot PR. 04.05.2014 (Katherine Holland)

A well fit denim jacket never goes out of style. With a glossy red lip (and red sunglasses to match) I’m still so much in relaxed weekend mode in this outfit. Jacket, shirt, cropped pants: Bluenotes. Shoes: Zara. Sunglasses: Karir Eyewear. Photo by Katherine Holland.


This morning over my tea I read this interesting article in the National Post’s Financial section, on the topic of Amazon as an “everything” store, and what retailer Indigo has to do to keep up. At the end of the article, Peter Foster posits that “[Indigo] has to find some way of doing it better, or go the way of Eaton’s”. (Which incase you are not familiar was a Canadian retailer that closed its doors in 1998 after 130 years as being the largest department store in the nation).

It got me to thinking about shopping on-line, vs in-store. I must admit- shopping on-line is pretty darn convenient. I have been known to shop in my pj’s, and with small kids sometimes it is just easier to point and click from the comfort of my home.



But as these images from Indigo’s Instagram feed would suggest, it is pretty darn inspiring to step into a well
merchandised retailer (cheers to whoever designs Indigo’s product displays). And beyond pretty merchandising, Indigo’s product assortment is just so lovely. And to view the lovely in person is just way more fun. Full disclosure- I often go to the Bayview Village Indigo just be get inspired. Rainy day? Go to Indigo. Cranky kids? Go to Indigo. Need a coffee? Go to Indigo. It has become a spot of comfort for me in my neighborhood, like a reliable friend , a warm hug. A spot of infinite possibilities to be discovered in books, a destination for instant mood elevation by way of updates for my sofa, my walls or my arm candy collection.

While shopping on-line is so convenient, it won’t ever replace the in-store experience for me. You just cannot replace it.

Disclaimer- no part of this post was sponsored in any way. This is a sincere love note to one of my favourite retailers. Ironically, (or not ironically), the tea set I drank out of this morning pictured in the first image above was purchased, you guessed it, from Indigo.


I had the fun experience this morning to take a tour through Artemano, a beautiful new to Toronto retailer in the Castelfield / Caledonia design hood in Toronto.

I am going to let the images speak for themselves- but I will say this place is beautiful. Handcrafted pieces, lots of reclaimed woods, live edge tables and the mix of metal and wood that is so on trend right now.







Pricing is what you would expect with handcrafted products of this quality and I was pleasantly surprised to find several small pieces for under $200 (side tables, wooden iPad stands, mirrors). Best surprise was that most products are available immediately from their warehouse on site- which is rare for the custom look of many of the products.

Visit Artemano at 698 Caledonia Rd. in Toronto.



A girlfriend of mine from university, Jamie Lee Reardin, recently shared some pretty fantastic news involving her and the house of Dior. She has been invited to be their artist in residence working with the brand on all kinds of incredible projects. Read more about her fantastic new partnership here at

Her recent news made me recall fondly a feature we did on her Hermosa Beach, California home last year. Here it is again in all its springy-summery goodness:

My beachside studio is in Hermosa Beach, CA. While my basic furniture was purchased from stores like Target and HomeGoods, it is my collection of books, magazines, and kooky knick knacks that truly reflect my personality.

I do my best to decorate my space with anything that inspires me, relying on bright colors, floral prints, and fresh flower arrangements to create an enchanting place where my imagination can roam wildly.

My oversized vision board is somewhat of a centerpiece in my studio. A place to pin down my inspiration and and bring me back to where my illustration style stemmed.20130124-201400.jpg20130124-201413.jpg20130124-201424.jpg20130124-201433.jpg


Connect with my beautiful friend Jamie on twitter and Instagram @jamieleereardin. All images courtesy Jamie Lee Reardin


It’s freezing in Toronto (again. shocker.) and I am day dreaming of being cozied up at home with the kids under a blanket in front of a fireplace like this one (a shot from a promo I styled for Toronto fireplace company Paloform).

Whatever you are doing today I hope you are warm and happy!

Photo by Valerie Wilcox


I recently posted about the wedding of my dear friend Emily last month in Salt Lake City. It was such a gorgeous wedding I had to share more.








I mean come on, words aren’t even necessary here. So. Much. Beauty. Between the architecture of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Temple, and this gorgeous couple- I am left speechless. So so gorgeous!

Photos by Sam Yarbrough.


We got a small taste of spring today in Toronto- 4 degrees! It hit 4 degrees! I know I speak on behalf of an entire city, nay, entire country I am sure, when I say: Spring. Please. Get. Here. Soon!


These colourful photos of spaces I’ve worked on recently (with a fun painting app applied) are keeping me thinking springtime. It’s coming!

What are you doing to remind yourself spring is near? Love to hear!