As part of a web series that the lovely mag Style At Home did on my home (you can watch the fun video here) I featured the transformation of my home office. Working from home with two kids under two is no easy feat. Especially when my former office looked like this:

The ugliness is almost too much to handle. Beginning with a) the blush pink walls b) the doily like drapes and c) the lack of an actual work surface because of all of my CRAP!!! I still can’t believe I shared this on the Style At Home site with over 200,000 unique visitors monthly. My bad habits immortalized on video. Yikes. How designers really live- could be a new reality show.

The room that was my office became my son’s new room. And my office is now next door and it is a significant improvement (hard not to be considering my former office was where furniture went to die). Now for the pretty:

The room started out with a dramatic change in paint colour. If you watched the video, you know that my husband and I did not see eye to eye on the colour (understatement). So glad that we went with this: Banker’s Suit, P5005-85 by Para Paint. It’s dramatic, and cozy and very invigorating to me.  Major thanks to my painter James from Paint It Green who helped me complete the room.

I grounded the room in this fantastic Maison Turkish rug from Urban Barn. It’s incredibly high quality for its price point, and I love how it looks against my vintage office chair and white desk (which was a gift from a previous client since it no longer worked in the design of his new space). I also love how dynamic it feels layered with my linen zebra drapers from InVu Drapery Co. This set of stationary items has done the magazine / blog circuit but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of their simple forms. And I definitely won’t ever tire of my Girgit lamp by Tahir Mahmood. I found Tahir at IDS:10 and have been pretty much stalking his work ever since. His new collection of lamps is pretty gorgeous and my next purchase of his will be a mortar and pestle and rolling pin for my kitchen.  You have no idea how disorganized my stash of fabrics was before. Thanks to Meredith Heron I sold a TON of it at her sample sale. The rest is neatly folded on shelving, ready to be used in a new home.

Finding modern looking lighting that didn’t leave me bankrupt proved to be a small-ish challenge (remember, I completely changed 3 rooms in 3 weeks with 2 kids under 2 in tow. Crazy lady.) I was thrilled when I found this puppy for $79 at The Home Depot. I have blogged about my Groove chair from Urban Barn before, and the love affair continues. Much like fashion, when you pay a little extra for quality, you get a return on your investment. My favourite thing about this chair is the construction. The seat cushion has high quality filling (I know it won’t sag over time) and the piping detail and upholstery is impeccable. And the fact it is home grown and didn’t take 12 weeks to arrive is a big bonus. I love the colour against the rug and drapes.And this is me extremely happy that I get to work in a clean, organized space that doesn’t make me want to call Hoarders for an intervention. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Photos by Tanja Tiziana.



Just after giving birth to my daughter Evelyn I completed this fun video project with Style At Home. Their web team came in and captured the transformation of 3 rooms in my home. As I have said before, completing this in less than 3 weeks with 2 kids under 2 was very adventurous. But I’m a girl who loves adventure- so here is the tour of the first room, my living and dining room.
I wanted the space to feel cool and sophisticated but very comfortable and practical for my young family. I started the design of this space with a huge hit of pretty with this Sanitas wallpaper from The Home Depot. Economically priced at under $40 a roll, it allowed me to take the wallpaper the length of my entire hallway. I paired it with this wool rug from The Home Depot and for some whimsy this rocking horse from Mjolk. To create the vibrancy that occurs when layering pattern on pattern, I used this great applique pillow from Mjolk paired with a Dwell Studio fabric on the throw pillows.

Crazy deal- this white pedestal table ran me a total of $5 at a garage sale.

Textiles are a big deal to me, and I knew I wanted a mix in this space. For window treatments, I went to InVu Drapery Co. and selected a pair of their Luxury-To-Go, Ready-Made Drapery panels. I layered them with a more casual pair of charcoal panels from Urban Barn. For some warmth, I love my Mongolian sheep skin toss cushions.I opted to go without a traditional coffee table to allow for more space for my kids to play. Instead I chose small occasional tables like this one from Mjolk. For lighting, I chose a casual drum shade from The Home Depot.

I’m so thankful to have this piece of art in my home. It reminds me of our recent volunteer trip to Rio de Janeiro created by the very talented Becky Simpson of RLS Studios. Lastly, we purchased this contemporary bar height white lacquered table from Crate and Barrel (sadly it is now discontinued!). In truth we bought it not only for it’s style, but for the very practical reason that it is too high for our toddler son to climb on top of. You have to think about these things when you have kids! The lacquer top gently reflects this painting from Urban Barn as well as the paint colour, Raindrops (P5204-24) by Para Paints.

In short, it’s a stylish space for my family to enjoy. And it is SO much better than what it looked like before (thank God no more beige!):

Thanks for coming by and stay tuned for the tour of my office!


It’s live! Click on the photo above to take a peek at the transformation of my home from pretty ugly (and full of A LOT of crap) to what I now call my hip family home. This makeover was a pretty insane whirlwind. With the early arrival of my daughter Evelyn, I was left to complete this makeover with a needy fussy newborn and an incredibly mischievous toddler in tow. How I finished three rooms in roughly three weeks while recovering from labour is nothing short of a miracle. But now I love my home and feel very house proud. My home is still very much a work in progress, but the peace I feel in having completed rooms is so good. I hope you enjoy!


I have hinted that over the last few months some major changes have been happening in my home. Finally it’s time to share them with you- over the next week or two I’ll share each of the projects I’ve undertook in my home and all the great resources I’ve acquired in the process, plus share the video that Style At Home shot covering the transformation. I’m currently busy prepping my segment for The Marilyn Dennis Show and getting excited for IDS events- busy times but exciting times.


Yes, this is my house. Note the attractive maroon accent wall. Also note my sarcasm. When people find out that I design interiors for a living it is often met with a similar, wide eyed exclamation: “YOUR HOUSE MUST BE AMAZING!!!!”

Well my design savvy friends, I can assure you, it is not. Why you might ask? After moving into my bungalow, having two kids under two (all within the span of 18 months), while juggling my business designing LOTS for other people- let’s just say designing for myself was not a top of mind priority. Nay my friends, it was at the bottom of the list.

Well all of this is about to change- over the last few weeks (after giving birth to my daughter Evelyn) I have been busy. And you’re coming along for the ride. The team over at has been in and out of my house filming the process of making my house my own (finally!). So excited to share it with you. (You can also watch how I helped Natalie, Style At Home’s senior web editor, make her condo her own here).

In the meantime, here are more hideous photos of how ugly my house was:

This is going to be my son’s new room. Above, it looks like an episode from Hoarders. Also, note the coral lacy drapes.

This will be my new home office. Note again, the lacy drapes.And lastly, my very beige living room. That’s my son protesting against the beige.

One last thing- thanks to everyone who entered my One Of A Kind Show ticket giveaway. After entering the numerous comments and tweets into the winners of a pair of tickets are:

Winners, expect an email from me with how to get your tickets. Congrats and thanks to all who entered!