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He is Risen! Happy Easter. After a long Lent and the longest Winter ever so happy to have this gorgeous day to celebrate Easter. We are off to celebrate with my husband’s extended family. Since our family is so large (like 14 grand kids, 12 grown ups big) we celebrate birthdays in a seasonal fashion- so today my 2 boys are included in this.

But in true Lisa Canning fashion, I left figuring out a cake for them to the ultimate last minute. And on our way home from an 8pm Easter Vigil mass thought it would be no problem to find something open.

And of course, everything in our hood was closed. Although the Shoppers was open, there’s a by-law that only allows a certain square footage of the store to be open- and of course any cake mix or food related products were all closed off. And on top of everything, the fridge at our rental broke over the weekend- so I have no milk, eggs, basically anything I would make a cake with. So this morning, I tried to do what Martha would do (scratch that- Martha would have already had a perfectly frosted cake ready!!!! Bah!) and I raided my pantry for the makings of a birthday cake.

A half a box of graham cracker crust, chocolate chips and marshmallows awaited. I really am not a baker but I do remember marshmallows melted on anything always tasted good as a kid. I did a quick google search of the following “chocolate chip marshmallow cake” (LOL) and yielded all kinds of square type yummy recipes. I lined the base of the baking dish with graham crackers and meted butter (in the freezer, thank goodness!) and threw everything else in, layering the chocolate and the marshmallows.

I also remember rice crispy squares tasting amazing as a kid so those got chopped up and thrown into the mix as well.
In the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and…

TA DA! I call it Lisa’s Last Minute Mission Cake for Last Minute Moms. When it came out of the oven I took a spatula to the top and kind of spread the melted chocolate- and of course sampled a sliver. Tastes as you would expect- chocolate sweet, marshmallow gooey, graham cracker / rice crispy crunchy. Yum.

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying sweets of some kind today (whether they be last minute prepared or not)!

Xoxo Lisa