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This weekend we had some guests over so I went through my usual get ready in a frenzy clean up routine. It felt amazing to have clean surfaces, disinfected floors, flowers on the table.

The amount of effort I went through made me realize that I wished I was a guest in my own house! Why only save all the pomp for guests? So I am going to make the goal, although somewhat ambitious with a house with 4 very small people in it, to as much as possible, feel like a guest in my own house. Here are my new found top tips for hosting guests / making yourself feel like I guest that I will carry over to my house after my #canningreno is completed, and actually stick to (I promise!)

Every day, I promise to do a 15-minute tidy. I am going to keep an attractive basket in my living room (and when I say basket I mean BIG TIME wire bin) that will be the catch all for all the toys, papers, crap that does not belong in my pretty living room- the basket will get hauled around to all the appropriate rooms where things have a place to live. Maybe if I am lucky I will make encourage my children to do their share!
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I find cleaning such a chore (tell me I am not alone?) So it makes me so happy when I have products like my Rowenta Delta Force Extreme Lithium 18V Stick Vacuum that make cleaning easy with its cordless capability. And somehow I feel stylish doing it when it is this happy shade of teal. And I try to stay natural with the cleaning products with brands like Method or Seventh Generation. I am also going to make a schedule for cleaning and put it as an appointment in my iPhone. With a really loud obnoxious alarm!
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My #riverdalereno clients, without fail, have had fresh flowers in their home every time I have gone over since they moved in. I don’t care how much this costs, even if it’s $10 tulips at the grocery store- they just feel special. Maybe I will even take up floral arranging classes?!?!?!
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I want to eat with cloth napkins, not paper towel ripped up haphazard. I would love to drink out of beautiful mugs or tea cups and actually try to enjoy my cuppa rather than leave it to get cold on a shelf. The same way the guests get the gorgeous plates- let’s make everyday gorgeous plate day.

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How do you make your guests feel special? And what do you do to feel special too?



One hat I wear when I am not designing or styling spaces is that of Market Editor for Dabble Magazine. Dabble is the brainchild of design-media guru Kimberley Seldon and I get to contribute in its pages (with some pretty fabulous colleagues, I must add) with my top product selections for home, travel and food.

This month we shot the opening page at an office space I designed for a client in the Wingold Fashion district in Toronto. Flocked J&V Damasco wallpaper from NewWall– so delicious! Here is a behind the scenes peek at the lovely Maria Raco from NewWall and photographer Allan Kosmajac from 44 Media doing their thing:

Here’s a shot of the pieces I styled with from the Martha Stewart office line for Staples. We always bring more product than we need to style a space so we can have plenty of options- and teal ended up being our accent colour. The chevron box is from HomeSense and the lucite tray is a line I’ve featured in a past Dabble Digs, AVF available at 1212:

Working as Market Editor allows me to shop the market for the best out there and share it with you. Many of these items I have tried personally and would absolutely have in my own home. Selecting the products takes a great deal of time and care, and I try to make the search as global as possible.  It’s a large undertaking to traverse the retail landscape- now made even wider with shopping online- but in a similar way to the designs I create for my clients, I love finding items that will help improve one’s quality of life.

While it is hard to pick a favourite, I will attest the travel Rowenta steamer, and its convenient compact size, has become  my go-to tool on photoshoots for removing wrinkles from blankets, pillows and other textiles. The Chilewich mats will be adding a modern texture to a future dinner party at my house and I appreciate the smart design of the Gautier bed- great for small spaces. Enjoy this issue!